Wireless Internet

Computer users can use the Internet at PIA via our FREE wireless service!

With just a few easy steps computers, PDAs, or any other type of device that allows Internet usage can have wireless access. While there are many devices to access the Internet, the configuration steps are similar, regardless.

To use the wireless access, you must first install the wireless adapter (for devices in which cards are requred) using the instructions supplied with the card.

  1. Once the card is installed, open the wireless client utility.
  2. Click on the Add button under Preferred Networks.
  3. In the Network name (SSID) field type:
    Note: It is critical that it is entered EXACTLY as shown to include capital letters.
  4. Check the "Data Encryption" (WEP enabled) box.
  5. In the Network key box, type the following:
    (Type this key EXACTLY AS SHOWN ABOVE! Those are zeros, NOT the letter "O")
  6. Click "OK"
  7. Leave all other settings to default.
  8. After rebooting your laptop, you should be connected and ready to browse the Internet.