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Travel Experience Improves At PIA

Peoria, IL — Travelers using the General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport should notice an improved experience at the security screening checkpoint, especially travelers who fly frequently. A new “Fast Lane” with expedited screening is in service for certain prequalified air travelers, including those that have signed up for TSA’s “Precheck” or US Customs and Border Protection’s “Global Entry” programs. The fast lane is mainly for expert travelers who are very familiar with TSA’s screening procedures, but it is also available for uniformed military or passengers with disabilities.

“While this program is not TSA’s PreCheck, and it does not come with all of PreCheck’s amenities, it does provide an expedited screening experience for the low risk frequent flyer who knows how to navigate the screening process”, said Gene Olson, Director of Airports for the Metropolitan Airport Authority of Peoria. “We know people have a choice when it comes to air travel. This is one more step we can take to make trips from PIA easier, and another reason why a traveler will want to choose to start their trips from PIA.”

Expedited screening allows pre-approved airline travelers to leave on their shoes, light outerwear and belt. Expedited screening is available to the following individuals who are deemed low‐risk: children under 12, adults over 75, and members of the military and flight crews in uniform. When passengers flying out of Peoria International Airport present their boarding passes to TSA at the security checkpoint, TSA officers will use new Boarding Pass Scanners to read information embedded in the bar code. That information will tell the officer whether or not the passenger is eligible for expedited screening for that particular flight.

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