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PIA Breaks Monthly Passenger Record

Peoria, IL—The General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport has established a new record for the number of passengers walking through its gates during a one-month period.

The airline passenger count for July 2012 was 54,073, which included 27,026 departing and 27,047 arriving passengers. This monthly total breaks a record that has stood since 2008 by over 1,400 passengers, or nearly three percent.

“This ‘Best July Ever’ continues a trend we’ve been watching since this winter,” said Gene Olson, Director of Airports. “We think that the increasing number of destination choices—and the support the community is showing for those choices—combined with the improving economy, are responsible for these results.” Olson has an optimistic outlook for the year as a whole. “January was our eighth best, February was our third best, and March through June were all second best,” he adds. “2012 is looking to be a very good year.”

The record-breaking month for PIA can be attributed to the ten direct destinations available for Peoria and surrounding area travelers. Peoria is tied only with Moline for the most destinations available from a downstate airport. Direct flights are available from Peoria to Atlanta; Chicago; Dallas; Denver; Detroit; Fort Myers/Punta Gorda, FL; Minneapolis; Phoenix/Mesa, AZ; Las Vegas; and Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL. Travelers can fly to a mix of popular vacation destinations and well-connected hub cities, making Peoria instantly accessible to the world.

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